Olympic Team Event Skate final night: we look good in bronze!

I like that this team picture is on an angle and it looks like they might all slide off the end.  Credit: WPTV

You guys, to quote law school documentary Legally Blonde‘s valedictorian Elle Woods: We did it!

The Olympic team skate final was last night and team USA took bronze thanks to the amazing talents of Mirai Nagasu, Adam Rippon, and the Shib Sibs (Alex and Maia Shibutani).

At the start of the night Italy was right on our heels and it looked like they could bump us to fourth (their ice dance was beautiful though so props), but we held firm and got on the podium.

The biggest news of course was that Mirai Nagasu landed a triple axle, planting herself in history as the first US woman to do so at the Olympics. It was amazing and so is Mirai.


During her routine (to Miss Saigon in a beautiful sequined dress) it looked like she had a giant tattoo of U.S. on her inner thigh. Turns out it was just tape but I appreciate that the Internet freaked out about it.

Casual tape placement. Credit: Elle

In 2014, both Mirai and Adam Rippon were passed over by the Olympic team and they went and had In-N-Out fast food to commiserate (very relatable). Now, Adam and Mirai are at these Olympics together and both had amazing skates.

Kiss-N-Cry is so much better than In-N-Out. Credit: Bleacher Report

Adam, the first openly gay winter athlete to compete AND medal had a stunning skate to a Coldplay medley and clearly got my note that I wanted some effort in the men’s costume department. Johnny Weir commented that Adam has a big personality but in this program he lets his skates do the talking. Um what? Thanks for the insight. Tara meanwhile loved it and she’s the only one making sense.

adam rippon

Speaking of our two favorite commentators (sorry Terry Gannon but no one is here to get your perspective), they went with a silver theme–possibly to psych out the Olympic Athletes from Russia who took second place. Tara decided to wear an actual crystal ball as a one-shoulder dress with hair that looks sedate next to Johnny’s bouffant. He went with a charcoal sparkle blazer with major collar details. Terry jazzed up his suit with a white pocket square so he’s clearly feeling their vibe.

Terry looks like he needs a drink. Credit: Daily Mail

And finally, the Shib Sibs Alex and Maia, demonstrate that siblings can (ice) dance together and it doesn’t have to make everyone feel weird.

I know! Who knew? Credit: Bleacher Report

These skates made up for less than stellar performances by superstar in the making Nathan Chen, Bradie Tennell, and pairs/actually married people Alexa Scimera Knierim and Chris Knierim that we saw over the weekend. I’m so looking forward to everyone’s quest for individual medals and that four US  skaters will be facing off against each other (Nathan v Adam and Marai v Bradie).

Let’s not forget that as amazing as Mirai was, we were introduced to Alina Zagovita of the Olympic athletes from Russia who came and SMASHED the competition. She scored twenty points above Mirai with one of the hardest and cleanest skates I’ve ever seen. She skated to “Don Quixote” and went full ballerina with tutu, elbow-length gloves, and tights over her skates (I hate that look). She was incredible and will be a major roadblock to the US women in search of gold.

Girl put your tights on the inside of your skates! Credit: NBC

Skating comes back on Thursday but don’t worry, I’ll be watching other sports that I don’t understand. Whoooo! Sports!

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